Portable Lane Control Signal Systems

Model # TLP1

The Lane Patrol Series, Trailer Portable Traffic Lights, Employs Advanced Technology Transceiver Modules with Secure Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Architecture 902-928 MHz, FM Operation

- 130 or 260 Watt Solar Panel with Voltage Regulator
- Variable Positioning Solar Panel
- Hand Held Transmitter for Remote Manual Operation
- Touch-Screen (Controller) with Battery Voltage Meter
- Extreme Outdoor Line of Communication Distance of 22KM (14 Miles)

Mechanical Specifications:

Trailer Dimensions: 72"L x 72"W x 17"H
Set-up Height: 13 ft.
Transportation Height: 92"
Weight: 400 kg (880 lbs) without Batteries
              515 kg with 4-6Volt Batteries
              624 kg with 8-6Volt Batteries

- Wide working Temperature range (-40C to 85C)
- Antenna Output Power 1 Watt
- 12 Volt LED Lights, 12" Red, 8" Amber, 8" Green

The Controller is Custom Made, if you have any special requirements, ie: (Pedestrian Crossings) 3 - Way or 4 - Way, we can Customize to suit
Traffic Light Traffic Light
Traffic Light Traffic Light

Model # 1ARTL

- 1 x 80Watt Solar Panel
- 2 x 8D 12 Volt Batteries

- 93" Long (262.22cm)
- 62" Wide (157.48cm)

- 8.25 Fet Tall Towing Height
- 13 Feet Tall Open
Traffic Light Traffic Light

Model # 1CTL

Electrical Specifications:
- 12 Volts Dc. power supply.
- 50 Watt solar panel per light, with shielded cover for storage protection.
- 1 Watt communication signal.
- Extreme outdoor range line of sight communication distance of up to 22 Km (14 miles).
-- Wide working temperature ranges – 40C to 85C.
- Superior dust resistance for use in the harshest working environments.

Mechanical Specifications:
Weight: 220 lbs
Height: 122”
Length: 34”
Width: 34”
Traffic Light

Standard Features:
- Touch Screen, complete with Setup Menu.
- Quick and Easy entry of new commands.
- Intelligent bi-directional communication between Master and Remote traffic units.
- Light status of both units are displayed on the touch screen.
- Via hand remote radio, an operator can change all signals to Steady Red lights, stopping all traffic from entering the control area, operator chooses Green Start light for either end depending on traffic condition.
- Manual control function (wireless from Master unit), operator sequentially controls the two traffic units at each end of the work zone area.
- Light sequence can be programmed for three different time settings throughout the day to give traffic priority. AM/PM/Regular

Optional Features:
- Four Way Mode.
- Hand walk signals and buttons for construction in a residential area or times without light supervision.

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